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Vaginal vault suturing


It maintains the pneumoperitoneum during a laparoscopic procedure and allows surgeons to complete the entire operation laparoscopically; and it also allows gynaecological surgeons to suture the… Source

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Suturing Workshop Mentoring at EVMS


The post Suturing Workshop Mentoring at EVMS appeared first on NSAA | National Surgical Assistant Association.

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From Incisions to Sutures: How Surgical Scissors and Needle Holders

Surtex Instruments

The success of surgical procedures relies heavily on the precision, reliability, and quality of the surgical instruments in use. Among these, surgical scissors and needle holders stand as indispensable tools in the hands of a surgeon.

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This Medical Assistant Graduate’s Journey Ended with her Dream Job!

Pima Medical Institute

I also gained valuable hands-on experience in suturing and wound care. My classmates were both younger and older than I was, but we had the same goal and supported each other. During my externship in an urgent care, I felt well prepared for tasks like vitals, blood draws and injections.

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Treatment Plan for Excessive Bleeding After Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac and General Anesthesiology

Blood Pressure Maintenance of systemic blood pressure in the low-normal range promotes tissue perfusion while limiting leakage around suture lines. In addition, excessive pressure impedes venous return, worsening hemodynamics in the patient with hypovolemia.

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The most common instruments used for rhinoplasty surgery

Jalal Surgical

In rhinoplasty, the needle holder is used to grasp and manipulate needles during the suturing process. It has a scissor-like handle and beak-shaped tip that can hold needles and sutures securely. It may be useful for delicate suturing in areas where a larger needle holder would be difficult to use.

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Applications of AI in Medicine

Nashville Anesthesia Professionals

Johns Hopkins University has developed a surgical robot called STAR (smart tissue autonomous robot), which has been shown in animal tissue to be able to consistently outperform human surgeons in tasks such as creating connections in bowel, suturing, and tying surgical knots 3.