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Preventing Surgical Site Infections in Gynaecologic Surgery


Surgical site infections (SSIs) can occur within 30 days after surgery. SSIs are associated with increased morbidity, prolonged hospital stay or readmission, and increased health-care costs. SSIs occur in approximately 2% to 5% of all patients undergoing gynaecological surgery.

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Antiseptic nasal decolonization noses ahead

OR Manager

Over 20 years ago, an article from Johns Hopkins published in The New England Journal of Medicine showed that Staphylococcus aureus decolonization of the nares can decrease risk of surgical site infections More » The post Antiseptic nasal decolonization noses ahead appeared first on OR Manager.


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Richardson retractor

Surgical Techie

The Richardson retractor is a surgical instrument used in various surgical procedures, including gynecological, urological, and abdominal surgeries. It is designed to hold back soft tissues and provide a clear view of the surgical site.

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Bioburden and Biofilm: Know Your Enemy


The Arch Nemesis: Surgical Site Infection Surgical site infection, or SSI, can probably be considered (to squeeze the last few drops out of this metaphor) the nemesis of the SPD … the ultimate villain to our SP superhero. They are the most prevalent form of a natural ecosystem; in short, the biofilm is one formidable foe!

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Anesthesia for Eyelid Surgery

DFW Anesthesia Professionals

Careful infiltration techniques are essential to minimize discomfort and achieve uniform anesthesia across the surgical site. First, infiltration anesthesia involves injecting local anesthetic solution directly into the eyelid tissues, targeting specific nerve endings to block sensation.

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The Importance of Precise Illumination in the Operating Room (OR)

BFW Inc.

Brighter is Not Always Better Surgeons require clear visibility of a surgical site, especially when operating in small, deep cavities. Augmenting overhead operating room lighting with surgical headlights provides surgeons optimal illumination of the surgical site at all times, while minimizing shadows within the cavity.

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What are the basic Surgical Instruments of the Spine?

Jalal Surgical

The Markham- Meyerding retractor is particularly valuable in procedures such as spinal decompression , fusion, and instrumentation , where maintaining clear visibility of the surgical site is paramount for successful outcomes.