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Aortic Dissection Versus Intramural Hematoma (IMH)


Aortic dissection and intramural hematoma (IMH) are both acute aortic syndromes that can present similarly but have distinct pathophysiological differences and implications for management. The gold standard for diagnosis (and differentiating the two) is gated CT angiography to evaluate the aortic wall and lumen.

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Needle Selection for Neuraxial Anesthesia

DFW Anesthesia Professionals

Pencil-point needles can also lead to greater post-traumatic inflammation, myelin damage, and intraneural hematoma. Larger-gauge needles should be used cautiously due to their association with increased tissue injury and hematoma formation. The specific type of block being performed determines the selection of needle length.


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Anaesthesia News

. • A recently published consensus statement on the obstetric anesthetic management of patients receiving anticoagulation therapy – if an anticoagulated patient requires an emergent cesarean delivery and the anticoagulation cannot be reversed, the risk of epidural hematoma from neuraxial anesthesia may outweigh the risks of general anesthesia.

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Nerve Blocks for the Abdomen

DFW Anesthesia Professionals

Other complications may include hematoma, injection site infection, and transient nerve injury. Local anesthetic systemic toxicity (LAST) remains a rare but serious concern, requiring vigilance in adhering to recommended local anesthetic dosages and the use of lipid emulsion therapy as an antidote in the event of toxicity.

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Anesthesiologist, Tired of Intubating in Era of COVID, Decides to Perform CABG Under Spinal

Gomer: Anesthesiology

Apart from paralysis as a result of a spinal epidural hematoma, the procedure was a resounding success. Millerstein. Millerstein ducked, administered intramuscular ketamine to Dr. Annuloplasty, and a major crisis was averted. Whoever would’ve known you can’t give 30,000 units of heparin right after a spinal?

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How to Select the Optimal Trocar Kit for Your Patient

Trocar Supplies

Infection, hematoma, hernia, post-procedural pain, and cosmetic concerns are almost unknown after the insertion of hormone pellets by trocar (although there are a few reports of complications after the surgeon chose the umbilicus for the point of insertion). Informed purchases require assessing patient needs.

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Bovie, Cautery and Electrosurgery Shouldn’t Be Confusing

Symmetry Surgical

For situations where reusability is desired, the B ovie cautery lineup offers the Change-A-Tip; a replaceable battery and tip cautery that offers both high and low temperature, depending on the model, and is most often used in the doctors office where cost savings is important and in veterinary medicine.