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Preventing Surgical Errors: Effective Strategies Over Warning Signs in Operating Rooms


I've never seen a sign like this in an operating room. … […] The post Preventing Surgical Errors: Effective Strategies Over Warning Signs in Operating Rooms by Mark Graban appeared first at Lean Blog. This is a Chat GPT / Dall-E generated image: It's silly, right? And I'm not advocating for them.

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Three Key Benefits for Hospitals With Real-Time Operating Room Data


Relying on time-consuming data entry by busy operating room (OR) staff, EHR systems alone simply cannot capture and share the level of information that surgical departments need to keep things running smoothly. Systems for managing electronic hospital records (EHR) are critical for recording, storing, and protecting patient data.


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Benefits of Stainless Steel Cabinets in Operating Rooms

CME Corp

When you think of operating rooms stainless steel is most likely the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, it is hard to imagine an operating room equipped with anything other than stainless steel. Stainless steel cabinets are an indispensable component in healthcare environments, particularly in operating rooms.

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SLD AirFRAME Operating Room Ceiling System Installation


These fully integrated, modular, prefabricated ceiling systems are the packaged solution that will have your operating room surgery-ready in a fraction of the time than traditional systems demanded. We’ve been involved with operating room ceiling system installations within general and complex hybrid ORs across Canada.

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How Psychological State Affects the Operating Room (OR)

DFW Anesthesia Professionals

Many factors affect the operating room (OR) and surgery success, ranging from patient-related factors to resource-related factors to even clinician-related factors. In the operating room (OR), teamwork is crucial for ensuring patient safety. The American Journal of Surgery, vol. 24–30, [link] 2. Arora, Sonal, et al.

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Five Ways to Address Operating Room Inefficiencies


In ambulatory surgery centers, efficient operating rooms result in optimized schedules, higher patient volume, and streamlined operating processes. Facilities struggling with inefficiencies risk dangerous mistakes and longer operating times which can affect patient outcomes. What Causes Operating Room Inefficiencies?

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12 Reasons Why I Love the Operating Room

The Circulating Life

Since we’re celebrating this week, here are 12 reasons why I love working in the operating room. 1 – Scrub Caps Scrub caps serve a valid purpose in the operating room, for sure. 5 – Scrubbing I wasn’t taught to scrub when I started in the operating room. We get to see and do SO MUCH!