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Keeping calm and carrying on with patient care

Penn Medicine

De-escalation training for hospital staff is helping keep focus on patient care and reducing the chances of aggressive interactions in the workplace. It’s part of a system-wide commitment to addressing this national issue.

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Transforming Patient Care: A Deep Dive into the Perioperative Surgical Home


By embracing the core principles of the PSH model and leveraging innovative approaches, healthcare organizations can elevate the quality, efficiency, and overall experience of surgical care. Together, we can transform patient care and optimize surgical outcomes for all.


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2 students with interest in combining cancer research with patient care are Wright Scholarship recipients

IU School of Medicine

Two women pursuing their medical degrees with an interest in combining cancer research with patient care have been selected as the 2020 IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center William J. Wright Scholarship Fund recipients.

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Behind the Scenes: The Vital Role of Anesthesiologists in Patient Care

Cardiac and General Anesthesiology

Anesthesiologists play a critical role in patient care, ensuring that patients undergoing surgery or other medical procedures are safe and comfortable. An anesthesiologist is a medical professional who specializes in administering anesthesia, managing critical care, and providing pain management services to patients.

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Gold standard hygiene for critical patient care

ADLINK Technology

Never before has there been such an urgent need to support them with the medically certified devices which can help streamline patient care. ADLINK fully understands the […]>

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Realizing Improved Patient Care through Human-Centered Design in the Operating Room (RIPCHD.OR)


The Realizing Improved Patient Care through Human-Centered Design in the Operating Room (RIPCHD.OR) learning lab uses a socio-technical approach incorporating human factors engineering and evidence-based design principles to create an optimal ergonomically sound operating room that results in improved patient and staff safety.

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Leadership in Standards Development – A Lasting Impact for Better Patient Care

Transforming Outcomes

Practice standards and professional guidelines are important tools intended to help deliver safer patient care. Perhaps most importantly, standards leadership provides the opportunity to support and give back your talents and skills to an organization that is so critical to ensure good patient care.