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Common inspection points for surgical instrumentation

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Inspecting surgical devices is a time-consuming process. As the last people to see More » The post Common inspection points for surgical instrumentation appeared first on OR Manager. However, diligently checking every instrument prior to sterilization is essential to ensuring safe, proper functioning.

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QuickShot 2: Improving Surgical Tracking with Naming Rules


Transitioning to an Electronic Tracking system often involves importing your existing CSSD Check Sheets and Surgical Devices data, currently maintained in MS Word or Excel. A common challenge is the varied naming of the same type of surgical instruments.


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Vaginal vault suturing


The tube is a surgical device that is instrumental to performing a Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH). I had the privilege to train with Dr Tony McCartney, the inventor of the McCartney tube.

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Surgical Smoke: Risks and Preventive Measures


Surgical smoke is a by-product of energy-based surgical instruments. Any procedure that is done with the use of a surgical device used to cut, desiccate, and ablate tissue can produce surgical smoke when tissues vaporise.

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Preventing Cross-Contamination through Disinfecting & Cleaning Surgical Instruments

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The spray arms inside the device must be able to spray all contaminated surfaces of each surgical device. If the size of the device prevents strong water flow, then the technician must use a stronger enzyme or detergent. Water quality determines the effectiveness of both enzymes and detergents. Impingement.

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Five Ways to Address Operating Room Inefficiencies


Some examples of common operating room inefficiencies include: Malfunction of surgical devices. Missing or misplaced surgical supplies. On the business end, longer surgeries and wider scheduling mean lost potential revenue. What Causes Operating Room Inefficiencies? Disorganized operating room layouts. Scheduling errors.

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What Are Trocars? Here's Everything You Need to Know

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A trocar is a versatile, specialized surgical device that proves useful in a variety of procedures. They are best known for their application in laparoscopic (also known as keyhole) surgery. By using a trocar, a surgeon is able to access the abdomen or peritoneal cavity.